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That Time Transformers Saved Bruce Springsteen…Sorta

Back in 1986 Marvel decided to take a shot at one their own comic books saving a rock icon just as DC did years earlier. However, much like DC couldn’t get the rights to use The Beatles name, it appears Marvel couldn’t lock Bruce Springsteen into a deal, but you think that stopped them from using Bruce and the E Street Band’s likeness? HELLS NO! The comic basically drew the band in perfect likeness but used some pretty genius writing to cover their tracks. How genius? Well I’ll tell you Tony (all of our readers are named Tony today). They named the lead singer Brick Springhorn and had him sing hit songs like “Born in America” and “Dancing in the Night”. So, the heroic Transformers were likely saving Brick Springhorn from the Decepticons during a rousing version of “Dancing in the Night” which probably sounded/looked like this, but in this version I like to think Ironhide is doing the dance instead of Courtney Cox.

Batman Meets The Beatles…Kind Of….

In the continuing journey of these bat-shit crazy (pardon the pun, I ate a lot of cheese) crossovers comes Batman and The Beatles! Well sort of. Actually, when this comic came out in 1970 I guess DC Comics didn’t actually have consent from The Beatles to be in the issue. So in true 70s fashion (I’m guessing, I wasn’t alive) DC simply stole their likenesses and renamed the band The Oliver Twists. I am assuming there big hit was ‘Twist and Yell Loudly”. The Plot of the comic was that one of the lead singers ‘Saul’ is apparently dead and Batman and Robin has to disprove it or something. The story line is clearly based on the whole Paul McCartney is dead rumor from years earlier. For more on this whole Paul is dead thing, please see this interview.

Still better guests than Joaquin Phoenix: The Avengers on David Letterman

Back in 1983, life was a bit different. David Letterman was on NBC and…actually, come to think of it. I think that is the only difference between now and 1983. I better call my mom on my rotary phone to double check though. Anywho, back in 1983 while Letterman was hosting the Late Night Show on NBC he was joined by The Avengers. Yup, so, that happened (albeit in comic book form). Seriously how much cocaine did people do back in the 80s? I bet the Top 10 list was amazing though.

Wait…What?: Archie Meets The Punisher

Just 3 years after Archie and the gang got a visit from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Riverdale had a new more…ah…different kind of visitor. The Punisher. Yes, the dark comic anti-hero from Marvel known for ya know, killing people. The plot was that The Punisher was in town looking for a drug dealer that looked like Archie. I’m sure a series of hilarious murders ensued. Also, it appears Josie and the Pussycats were there based on the cover art. Cause why not? Am I right?  

Of Course They Did: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meet Archie

Some of our craziest posts have been on The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (my personal top 3 are the Turtles meeting Oprah, Barbara Walters and of course The Power Rangers) but this is right up there too. Back in 1991 The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles found themselves in Riverdale after being spit out by a giant intergalactic cow head. I know, the plot is seamless! I just hope it ended with the Archie gang driving all the turtles back to New York, tossing them out of their car and Moose Mason saying “Duh, stay outta Riverdale”. I think it would look a little like this: