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Top 10 Worst Cover Songs (According to WatchMojo)

Hey everyone, bet you thought I was gonna put some effort into today’s post? Well wrong again! Boy do you look silly. Here is a fun little list by WatchMojo of the Top 10 worst cover songs off all time. This list should not be confused with our ongoing piece Covers vs Originals that we do here on the Nostalgia Blog where we genuinely think both versions are good. No, instead on this Top 10 it is pure hot garbage. Enjoy!

Covers vs Originals (pt.7): “Come on Eileen”

It’s not uncommon to compare one-hit-wonders against one another, but how often are those hits the same song? Well that is the case in this installment of Covers vs Originals. Back in 1982, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, a little band out of England broke onto the music scene with the huge hit “Come On Eileen”. That would pretty much be there only hit. Cut to 1997 and a little ska band out of California called Save Ferris (obscurely named after a reference from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) decides to cover “Come on Eileen” which results in the biggest hit of that band’s career. So there you have it. Two bands having one hit with the same song. But I ask you, whose version do you enjoy more? Original: Dexy’s Midnight Runners, released 1982, from album Too-Rye-Ay   Cover: Save Ferris, released 1997, from album It Means Everything

Covers vs Originals (pt.6): ‘Your Song’

“Your Song” Get excited for this installment of Covers vs Originals because it’s all about YOU! Well, it’s all about YOU in that we are evaluating Your Song and by that I mean that the song is literally titled “Your Song”. We all caught up now? Cool. This is a song that seems to be covered by everyone at some point (please don’t ask me to back up that point) and is probably Elton John’s most covered song (again, I have no proof of this). And why not! It’s a beautiful song! I was first introduced to this song when watching the movie Moulin Rouge. Some years later the same song would introduce me to a young and rising starlet by the name of Ellie Goulding. She did a cover of this song on Saturday Night Live and I was blown away. So what version do you feel is better? I’m gonna let you decide, after all, this is YOUR song.   Original:¬†Elton John, released 1970, from the album Elton John   Cover: Ellie Goulding, …

Covers vs Originals (pt.5): ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’

“Nothing Compares 2 U” A lot of you are probably wondering why this song was chosen. First off, most of you probably don’t know that this song is a cover. If that is the case you probably wouldn’t know that not only is this song a cover but it is in fact the most commercially successful cover of all time. And if you didn’t know those first two points you most definitely didn’t know that this was a song originally written and performed by Prince. Yes! Prince! That guy who had no name for a while and just went by a symbol. And finally the craziest part. This is not only the best selling cover of all time, it is in fact Prince’s best selling song of all time! Oh yeah, Prince’s most commercially successful song he has ever written is performed by another artist. That artist of course, Sinead O’Connor.   Once you comeback from that complete mind blowing, take a listen to both and decide…Who is better? Original: Prince, Released 1985, from the …

Covers vs Originals (pt. 4): ‘Heroes’

“Heroes” It’s been a few months but it’s back! Covers vs Originals! For this installment we have the 1977 hit song by David Bowie ‘Heroes’. The song wasn’t a huge hit for Bowie during it’s original release but has since become one of his all time monster hits. Speaking of monsters, a cover of this song by The Wallflowers was featured on the 1998 Godzilla soundtrack. I caught a lot of flack back in 1998 for not knowing that this song was a Bowie cover but in my defense, back then David Bowie was just “that guy from the movie Labyrinth”. My lack of music knowledge at the time aside, the question remains… Whose version is better? Original: David Bowie, released in 1977 on the album Heroes Cover: The Wallflowers, released in 1998 on the Godzilla Soundtrack