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Bill Nye teaches us how to dance

Bill Nye “The Science Guy”, known for his 90’s educational program also titled Bill Nye The Science Guy, was recently kicked off of Dancing With the Stars due to a torn ligament. While Bill’s stint on the the series was short lived, he will be remembered for his comedic performances that were watched more on YouTube than on the television series itself. Wait, is that Bill Nye or David Byrne? Advertisements

Why a big suit David Byrne?

It’s no secret to my closest friends that I’m a huge fan of the 80s rock group Talking Heads. Their front man was the one and only David Byrne. Don’t know him? We’ll I’m sure you’ve come across his work at some point, but I don’t want to get into that today or I’ll go on forever. In 1984, Talking Heads were set to release their concert film Stop Making Sense, directed by Jonathan Demme. This film would be the very first concert film ever to hit theaters. The movie itself was unique and different than any other MTV-like concert films before or after. And to warn fans that they would be getting something truly out of the box, David wrote and performed this hilarious interview as promotional material. It’s an interview with David Byrne, conducted by several other versions of David Byrne. All the important questions were answered:  Why a big suit? What’s next? And What does David look like as a black man and a white woman?