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Wait What?: Lesser Know Facts About Superman

This (as you can see) is a fun infographic stating some of the lesser known facts about Superman. Some facts such as the ‘S’ crest meaning hope or Superman fighting Muhammad Ali most Superman fans and readers of The Nostalgia Blog likely know about. However the shit about Dracula and pink kryptonite turning Superman gay are right out of left field. However, we all know you couldn’t turn anyone gay with pink kryptonite, only Ryan Gosling has that power… To See a larger version click here.

Batman Meets The Beatles…Kind Of….

In the continuing journey of these bat-shit crazy (pardon the pun, I ate a lot of cheese) crossovers comes Batman and The Beatles! Well sort of. Actually, when this comic came out in 1970 I guess DC Comics didn’t actually have consent from The Beatles to be in the issue. So in true 70s fashion (I’m guessing, I wasn’t alive) DC simply stole their likenesses and renamed the band The Oliver Twists. I am assuming there big hit was ‘Twist and Yell Loudly”. The Plot of the comic was that one of the lead singers ‘Saul’ is apparently dead and Batman and Robin has to disprove it or something. The story line is clearly based on the whole Paul McCartney is dead rumor from years earlier. For more on this whole Paul is dead thing, please see this interview.

Cause Why Not?: Iconic 80s Villains as 80s Album Covers

Illustrator Rocky Davies has created a pretty awesome collection of iconic 80s villains featured as 80s style vinyl cover art. The albums features the likes of Doctor Doom, The Joker, Predator, Freddy Krueger, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Skeletor and of course fan favorite Shredder. The fact that Skeletor’s song is actually from the 90s aside, I feel like it was a real missed opportunity to connect the song ‘What’s Going On’ by Four Non-Blondes with him again. Regardless, these albums are incredible and should replace your loved ones as the new background on your phones. Enjoy.

Superman VS Muhammad Ali: Yeah they did!

Everyone talks about Ali vs Foreman and Ali vs Frazier and Ali vs Liston. But what about his greatest fight ever? Ali vs The Man of Steel? Why don’t people talk about that? Probably because it happened in a comic book, but does that mean it wasn’t real? Well if so, next you will most likely tell me I don’t have a flying Elephant named K-Pax who does my gardening. Then answer me this, why do my rose bushes look so good? What’s that? I live in an apartment and don’t have a rose bush you say? Well then I am paying K-Pax way too much. My issues with my flying elephant aside. Here is a cool little piece on the comic that was Superman VS Muhammad Ali. Enjoy. Ready to go K-Pax? LETS FLY!