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Disney Princesses Singing In Their Native Languages

Here are a couple videos by Movie Munchies of Disney Princesses singing in English and then the native language of their fairly tale origin. I am one of the lucky people who understands no matter what language they sing in. How you ask? Because, I speak the language of love. That’s right, ever since the invention of Sonic Sour Cream Doritos I have transcended language because I now know all that is love! As long as they keep making Sonic Sour Cream Doritos, I will possess these powers….what’s that? They don’t make them any more? They haven’t for 10 years? Then how do I understand these songs? Oh that’s right, they sing them in English first…shit…. Well, my world is shattered. Enjoy the videos.  

If Disney Princesses looked like this…my childhood would have been messed up!

Thai artist Witit Karpkraikaew is traumatizing our childhood by turning our favourite Disney Princesses into characters we might expect to see on a very song-filled episode of The Walking Dead (and lets be honest, we all want to see that). But seriously, aren’t you still a little attracted to them? If you answered yes, I am either frightened of you or have found a new respect for you…probably more the frightened thing though.