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So many potential Oscars: Tim Burton’s failed “Superman Lives” movie staring Nicolas Cage

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…nope, it’s a insane Superman movie that was never made. The movie was titled Superman Lives and it has gone down in pop-culture folklore for what it may have been. Set to be directed by Tim Burton, this crazy incarnation of a gothic, cyborg-style Superman was to star Nicolas Cage as Krypton’s last son Kal-El (or Superman if you will). Oh and Chris Rock as a robot sidekick. Did I forget to mention that? Stories and fables of what this movie was all about have been flying around the internet for years. The most well known being during an evening with Kevin Smith, where he tells an incredible story of how he was hired to punch up the script for the movie. Trust me, even if you don’t like Superman (or Kevin Smith) this video is worth the 20 minute run time. However, we may finally be able to hear what this movie could have been! There is a documentary titled The Death of  “Superman Lives”; What Happened? that is set …

The Rock-afire Explosion: A True Nostlagia Story

Recently I watched a documentary called The Rock-afire Explosion. In a nutshell this is a documentary about those animatronic performers you used to see at Chuck E. Cheese’s when you were a kid. What you find out is that these machines were all created by a man named Aaron Fechter to be the central attraction at a restaurant called ‘Showbiz Pizza Place,’ which eventually became Chuck E. Cheese’s. This documentary is in a lot of ways what epitomizes nostalgia. Childhood fans of The Rock-afire Explosion (now grown up) have dedicated their lives to accessing these robots and, in some cases, rebuilding the show in their own home and putting a modern spin on it seen here. The film is a reflection of people living out their childhood dreams but it left me wondering if they were truly happy or just trapped in a nostalgic state. If you have the time, it is an interesting movie. Here is the trailer to give you a little more insight.