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17 of the Best Nintendo Commercials Ever!

This video features commercials for: – Wireless Controller – Bart vs. The Space Mutants – Double Dragon II – Dr. Mario – Dragons Warrior – Iron Sword – Kirby’s Adventure – Metroid & Rad Racer – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out – Rob the Robot – Nintendo Power – Super Mario 3 – Tetris – The Legend of Zelda – The Legend of Zelda other – The Legend of Zelda II – Yoshi To sum up, all the reasons you never talked to girls. Advertisements

Dr. Mario

With his busy plumbing career, his constant go-cart driving and frequent murder attempts on seemingly innocent turtles, you wouldn’t think Mario had time to go out and become a fully licensed physician. But he did. He probably would have done it earlier in life had he not wasted so much time rescuing Princess Toadstool from her many kidnappings. Mario, at some point you got to ask yourself: if this girl gets kidnapped this easy and often, maybe she shouldn’t be rescued? I mean do you want someone that dumb running a monarchy? Something to think about.