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Hotline Bling 90s Parody

Ever heard Hotline Bling by Drake and said to yourself “it’s good, but it would be so much better if you replaced all the lyrics with some sweet 90s references”? You have? Well, you may be insane. But don’t go to that padded room yet. Why you ask? How many goddamn questions are you gonna ask me today! God! Anyway, the reason is that you might not be insane at all because YouTuber Kevan Kenney has gone out and done just that! Or maybe he is insane too. Hey if you both are maybe you can be roommates at Crazytown, USA (the #1 medical facility for crazies who obsess with the 90s). For the rest of you, enjoy the video!

Most Likely To Succeed: Rappers/Singers Yearbook Photos

Believe it or not, before they are famous, singer and rappers go to school and get yearbook photos just like us! But that is where our similarities end…Enjoy the pictures! Rihanna   Lil Wayne   50 Cent   Beyonce   Kanye West   Nicki Minaj   Drake   Pharrell   Alicia Keys   Nelly   Eminem   Snoop Dogg   Jay Z   Missy Elliot   Justin Timberlake   Iggy Azalea