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Kickin’ It Old School: Nintendo x Vans Retro Video Game Shoe Collection

Remember when Nintendo could only be found in video game form? Well not any more my friends! Later this summer Vans will be releasing their Nintendo x Vans Summer Shoe Collection (no price point on them yet). I’m a big fan of old school Nintendo and not tying shoes, so few of these are right up my alley. It will be like I’ 12 again! “You couldn’t tie your shoes at age 12? You could?! What are you? Some kind of child prodigy? Check out below for more shots of these sweet kicks.      

I did not know that: Classic Video Game Secrets

Throughout history video games have always had hidden levels or cheat codes. Some would help you out as a gamer, others added fun elements and some made no sense whatsoever…which made them awesome! Here are a few of the best secrets from classic video games. See how many you remember/even knew about. NBA JAM: Secret Roster This is a secret many people were aware of but few knew the codes to unlock them. This was back before the internet, so friends who knew these codes would hold on to them like they were the goddamn missile codes during the cold war. I assume this was so they would always get invited over to play. With these codes you could unlock secret players such as: Bill and Hilary Clinton, Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff, The Beastie Boys and of course the President of Parliament Funkadelic himself George Clinton (no relation to Bill).   GoldenEye 64: DK Mode DK Mode (named for Donkey Kong as it gave players big heads and long arms) made it that much …