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Mr. Dressup and His Tickle Trunk

Who could ever forget the tickle trunk jingle? That tune is etched in my memory forever. Mr. Dressup (Ernie Coombs) was a Canadian icon. The show ran for literally 412 seasons from 1967-1996. That’s like, a million years in television time. Over 4000 episodes were produced, all written and acted by Ernie himself. Not only was the show epic for its drawings, costumes, puppets and make believe stories – it was a truly educational program. If you are Canadian and have not heard of Mr. Dressup, just stop trying at life. You already fail. My favourite part of the show was the owl. He always gave Dressup advice on what to do. Tawit da wee tawit da wooo… RIP Ernie. You were a genius.