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Really?: ‘Captain Power’ is about to make a comeback

A couple years ago I did a post on a show from my childhood called Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. It was one of those posts where I figured no one would care and I was probably the only person who watched or remembered it. Turns out I was very wrong, a lot of people loved (or at least remembered) this spectacular 80s tv show failure. Among the highlights of this show was the fact that it cost one million dollars an episode back in 1988 (you really should check out the original post, it’s crazy). We even had a rare debate in our comments section of the post. The debate was primarily over the reboot of Captain Power and whether it was going to happen or not. Well, here we are a couple years later and it looks like it is finally happening. According to Deadline, original Captain Power co-creator Gary Goddard is developing the new series, which will be retitled as the redundant, far less evocative Phoenix Rising. Star Trek: …

Hey! I’m on the radio: 70s Mr. Microphone Commercial

“Hey good looking, we’ll be back to pick you up later” Yes, that is a line (delivered by some kind of date rapist no doubt) in this amazingly 70s commercial for Mr. Microphone. As a person who was nowhere alive in the 70s, I had no idea about this commercial. However, according to people I’ve talked to who were children of the 70s, this might be one of the biggest Nostalgia inducing commercials of the decade. Everyone knows this commercial and wanted a Mr. Microphone. And why not? It looked awesome! You just walk around and interrupt people’s radio broadcasts and pull some sweet pranks! What’s that? It only worked on a single random AM station that no one ever had their radio tuned to? Okay, well I guess that creep in the convertible had the right idea, sexually harass people from a distance! Now please enjoy one of the greatest commercials of all time.   *I know The Simpsons parodied this, I just couldn’t find the clip.

Whoomp There It Is: Crystal Pepsi is Coming Back!

OH MY GOD! I can’t even….words not coming…too excited! Okay, okay. I’m better now {clears throat}, apparently Crystal Pepsi will be hitting the shelves this July and HOLY SHIT I AM SO GODDAMN EXCITED! Fuck it, I can’t type, I’m too busy giving high fives to people in the coffee shop where I’m writing this post. They have NO idea what’s going on as I am inaudibly saying “The Pepsi….It’s Crystal again. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” And now I’m being asked to leave by some very kind police officers. Just watch the video below for more. Crystal Pepsi!

Cause Why Not: Mister Rogers Sings Happy Birthday To You

I might be a little late to the party on this one but I stumbled upon it the other day and had to throw it into a post. It started off a joke but as the beautiful lyrics washed over me and I looked deep into those soulful eyes I realized, this song was actually written just for me. And I’m not crying…I’m just….fine! I’m crying! You try watching that on your birthday and not shedding a tear you robot! “But it’s not your birthday” Ah, he said “happy unbirthday to you” so checkmate. Enjoy sending this to every person you know on their birthday for the next few years. Yeah, I dare you to be that person.