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The Best Family Feud Fails

Family Feud is perhaps the best long running game show in the history of television. It’s been on-air since 1976 and has seen six different hosts, currently of which is Steve Harvey (pictured above). The show relies on a simple concept of asking families a variety of questions and seeing if their answer is the same as 100 Americans. In some cases their answers are correct and they win a lot of money/prizes. And other times, their answers are this…

The Wizard and the Power Glove

If you don’t remember the movie “The Wizard,” it was pretty much an entire movie meant to advertise Nintendo. The film follows three children as they travel to California (Fred Savage being one of them). The youngest of the three is emotionally withdrawn with a gift for playing video games. “The Wizard” is famous for its numerous references to video games (duh) and accessories for the Nintendo Entertainment System and has been called a feature length commercial. The film was also known for introducing Super Mario Bros. 3, Which could be the greatest video game ever made. It was here that I also first got introduced to the Power Glove. Fuck it looked so cool… until I actually tried it.

Nostalgia Fail: That 80’s Show

With a similar name, show structure and many of the same writers and production staff as That 70’s Show, it seemed that Fox’s 2002 sitcom That 80’s Show was going to be a sure-fire hit! Sadly it was nothing more than a Nostalgia  FAIL! The show was set in 1984 and revolved around the lives of a group of friends living in California. With an original concept, a seriously good soundtrack and based on a truly awesome decade, the show still could not compete with NBC’s ED. Then again who can really compete with the tandem of Tom Cavanagh and Michael Ian Black. While I do like Brittany Daniel, the cast was pretty Plain-Jane and just lacked something.  All in all this show sucked. Don’t trust me? Find out for yourself! Here is the entire first episode: