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Feminism!: Girl Gamer Magazine

This (short lived) magazine was published by Nintendo to target the woman demographic in the video game market. I have no idea why this failed, I mean, they made the consoles pink, they offered a game called “Cooking Mama 2” (apparently the first one was so successful they needed a second). What else do you need ladies? What’s that you say? A game that apparently imagines what it is like to have a baby? Well Nintendo got you that too! Women: You can’t live with them and they won’t buy your insanely sexist products.

Pepsi A.M.

Bet you don’t remember this? Oh good, then I’m not the only one. Well apparently in the late 80s Pepsi decided to go after the early morning beverage market and came up with this brew. Pepsi A.M. It had 28 times the caffeine per ounce than regular Pepsi…so holy shit I guess. The product flopped but might have set the standard for Energy Drinks being so popular 20 years later…but probably not, it was just pop to drink in the morning.