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Freakazoid! Best Cartoon Episode ever?

Freakazoid is one of the first cartoons (outside the Simpsons or any other prime time cartoon) to really take funny to a new intelligent level. I feel like Freakazoid, along with the Animaniacs (both produced by Warner Brothers and Steven Spielberg) started a new wave of children’s cartoons in which adults could watch along and get as much – and in some cases more – out of the cartoon as the children. My case in point, this episode of Freakazoid entitled Candle Jack. Whenever I get on the topic of underrated TV shows, this show and particular episode always seems to be a point of reference for me. It single-handedly opened up a new world of comedy for me and made me realize cartoons aren’t always just for kids. So enjoy this episode of Freakazoid.–1×02–Candle-Jack-Part-1-of-2 (Sorry, they took it off YouTube but this links still works. Enjoy!)