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I didn’t notice: 90s Sitcom Continuity Mistakes

In the world of television and movies there is a little thing called continuity. It means to keep everything consistent, mostly when it comes to wardrobe and set design. However, sometimes things get lost in the shuffle. Someone takes off a scarf between takes and forgets to put it back on when they resume shooting. These are minor details that almost no one notices when watching a film or tv show. Enter: The Internet. Remember when I said people don’t really notice these continuity issues? Well that went out the window once the internet came along and now there are entire sites dedicated to the most insignificant flaw of every movie! U-S-A! U-S-A! We now share some of those mistakes from 90s sitcoms. Enjoy.   I know, I know, I’ve ruined these shows for you forever.

Jimmy Kimmel Airs New Episode of ‘FRIENDS’….Kind Of

It’s the FRIENDS cast reunion that we’ve all been waiting for!…if that reunion involves none of the male cast members. Jimmy Kimmel lived out most of our teenaged fantasies (more guys then girls probably) and got together with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to re-create some personal FRIENDS fan fiction. It’s a fun watch and a must watch for any FRIENDS fans. Enjoy.

Interesting: Episodes of FRIENDS and Seinfeld with jokes edited out

This is kind of interesting. A reader on Reddit recently edited out all the jokes from an episode of FRIENDS and Seinfeld. The result? Both episodes clock in around 3 minutes in their entirety. It’s pretty cool to watch and see how much sitcoms rely on the set-up/punchline routine. The Seinfeld episode was still kind of funny, which I think just shows how good the show was. But I found the FRIENDS episode did a better job of removing the jokes and just leaving plot. Give em a gander.  

FRIENDS Lighting Round

In what is my favourite (and should be yours) FRIENDS moment, I give you: THE LIGHTING ROUND! Buzzfeed in it’s infinite awesomeness has put up the lighting round quiz that you yourself can attempt! I am ashamed to say that I did get one wrong but hey no one is perfect…well my buddy Bill is but you don’t know him, mostly because he is imaginary, not unlike Joey’s imaginary friend Maurice. See what I did there? Only you die hard FRIENDS fans would catch that. Anywho, you can take the lightning round quiz here. And if you want to relive this great scene (or cheat on the quiz as many of you will) here it is for your enjoyment:

Windows 95 with Jennifer Aniston & Matthew Perry

I remember a time when Windows 3.1 was the bee’s knees. That is until Windows 95 came out in…well 1995.  Anyone who had Windows 95 was beyond cool and we all know the cooler you are, the more Friends you have…see what I did there. This single photo sums the 90’s almost perfectly. Windows 95. A VHS tape. And the TV show Friends. If anyone was ever in a coma for a decade and woke up in the year 2000 and asked “What was the 90’s like?”, you would present that person with a copy of this…   The above video was a cut-down version of the full 60minute VHS tape. If you feel yourself so bored with nothing else to do, then by all means read the rest of the posts in our Nostalgia Blog archive. And if (and only if) you’ve read everything, then you can watch the full length video…