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Who is your favourite FRIEND?

I know right? Too hard to choose! Well hopefully this will help you narrow it down. That’s right! It’s a “Best Of” collection for each character! I know what you are thinking. Wow guys, this is a sorry excuse for a post. And you know what I say to that? Hey look, FRIENDS clips! Chandler Bing Monica Geller Joey Tribbiani Phoebe Buffay Ross Geller Rachel Green

My Top Ten: Songs I will Never Tire Of

. If you are an enthusiast, or even share a remote interest in music, you likely have some form of a list to rank your favourite songs. A list with some kind of personal criteria that suits your interests. In this post, I will be sharing the top 10 songs that I will absolutely, positively, undoubtedly never, ever tire of, ever, no matter how many times I hear them. Without further adieu, here they are: 10. Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics: I was very young when I heard this song for the first time. I had no idea who sang in until about 2 weeks ago, but it has managed to stay etched in my memory and make the 10th spot in my list. I think part of the reason is because radio stations pulled the song from airwaves because it was overplayed so much upon its release, which maybe somehow enhanced my appreciation for it. Either way, I love it. 9. American Pie by Don McLean: How on earth McLean never had another hit …

School’s Out, Time To Play Manhunt

I could, and would, spend hours playing ‘Manhunt’ when I was younger. I lived in an apartment complex with several other similarly aged kids, two of which were friends of mine. We also lived in an area that made the playing of the game very easy as there were several places to hide, including a forested area right behind the complex. It seemed every night after school until our curfew was reached, we would gather everyone in the complex and friends of ours together to play. Like clockwork, our neighbourhood turned into a giant playing field every evening around 4pm. I’m surprised we didn’t receive any complaints considering we would routinely run through nearby lawns and backyards while trying to avert capture. Great memories of my youth, I tell ya.

Does anyone remember Ferris Bueller the TV series?

I doubt many of you will remember the short lived Ferris Bueller TV series, truthfully I don’t remember it. It premiered in 1990 on NBC and is  just one of the many cases of network TV trying to feed off the success of a once popular film. In most cases they fall short of expectations. But in this case…it falls short of expectations.  It only lasted one season and was panned by critics and fans alike. Interesting though, it co-starred a relatively unknown young actress at the time named Jennifer Aniston. Look for her in this clip from the first episode.