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Help Support Our New TV Show! (We aren’t asking for money)

Yes, this really is just a shameless plug for an outside project…. The guys from The Nostalgia Blog (Matt and Ben), along with our talented friend, Evan, are writing a new TV series for Canadian audiences. The show is called “Hollywood North” and is entered in CBC’s ComedyCoup challenge. We will try not to bother you guys too much, but if you can (and we would love it if you would), go to¬† and SIGN UP/VOTE for Hollywood North. We will be releasing weekly videos starting this Monday. WATCH OUR TEASER HERE

New Ghostbusters Trailer (Rereleased)

One of the funniest and most iconic films from the 80s is being re-released in theaters for it’s 30th anniversary. Yes, we’ve all seen the film before and many times over for that matter, but why not watch a recut of the theatrical trailer. And while we are at it, lets all go to the movies to see it one more time, only this time will be a little bit clearer and crisper as it’s being presented in 4K.

The BEST Saved By The Bell Photos You’ll Ever See

So apparently, these are some publicity photos (which used for marketing purposes) from Saved By The Bell. I think they do their job well (which is to sell the excitement of the show). We have Jessie Spano staring into space while stretching, Kelly Kapowski looking hot and also stretching, Zach Morris and A.C. Slater having a friendly game of soccer, and also Screech putting on his awesome 90’s roller-blades! Thanks BuzzFeed for first bringing this to life.

Tom Green Show – Where are you going?

Perhaps the best clip from the Comedy Network days of The Tom Green Show, starring Tom Green. Here’s a quick back-story if you’re unfamiliar with The Tom Green Show. Started in the early 90s on Rogers (Cable Access) Television, Tom scored a TV deal in Canada with The Comedy Network in 1996. The show was mix between a studio show and segments of Tom doing pretty much doing anything he wanted. In 1999 the show was picked up by MTV and Tom became (for at least 15minutes) one of the most recognizable people in pop culture due to his crazy and often gross stunts. The show ended in 2002 after Tom got testicular cancer. He has since beat the cancer, had a few spinoff shows/ventures and now has his own weekly web series. This clip shows the subtle brilliant of his humor. While on the streets of Ottawa, Tom spots a grumpy old man (possibly drunk) and asks him “Where are you going”. Enjoy.