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Realistic Mario Bros

It goes without saying that Super Mario Bros is perhaps the most inventive video game franchise of all time. Even going back to the very first Nintendo Mario Bros game…An Italian plumber travels through pipes, smashes bricks with his head, eats mushrooms to grow bigger and flowers to spit fire. Sounds pretty accurate to real life. Well, here is a funny animation detailing what would really happen in the opening scenes of Super Mario Bros if things were a little bit more realistic….

Movies I Forgot Existed: Mr. Magoo

Over the years we have been accustom to seeing comics, books and cartoons remade into hit (and sometimes flop) Hollywood motion pictures. Let’s be honest, there are very few original stories out there nowadays. In 1997, Walt Disney continued this tradition of laziness when they made the live-action version of Mr. Magoo starring Leslie Nielsen. What’s that you say? You don’t remember the movie…. What’s that you say? You don’t even remember the original cartoon? Makes sense. Mr. Magoo the animated series was before a lot of our times, reaching it’s popularity in the 1950’s and reruns throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Mr. Magoo was the story of a wealthy retiree who gets into comical situations because of his lack of sight and stubbornness. While funny for a cartoon, this story mimics real-life problems of senior citizens, which is a major concern. In the 50’s the idea of a blind senior behind the wheel is comical, in 2014 that a serious matter. Now that’s all laugh as this confused old man puts thousands of …

The best family Halloween costumes

Halloween is right around the corner, which means everyone’s creativity should be in full force. Let’s be honest, you’re past the age of being the “sexy” anything. And truthfully, you might even be at the age where you need to be thinking about what you and your family are dressing as. To get your mind turning and to give a little inspiration, here is a collection of what we feel are five of the best family Halloween costumes. Enjoy. LABYRINTH BEETLEJUICE SUPER MARIO FAMILY THE ADDAMS FAMILY THE FLINTSTONES