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I see what you did there: Unmasked Icons

This is a series of photos on Facebook by Design Overall titled UNMASKED ICONS with illustrations by Alex Solis. I once unmasked someone and exposed them to the world….well, I actually just ripped the sunglasses off a guy who had extreme sensitivity to light. He was pretty mad at me but in my defense, I thought he was a super-villain. I mean, he was covering his face and had this inhaler so he clearly was looking to poison the city with some kind of toxic gas. He claimed it was for his asthma, but I wasn’t buying it. Props to my buddy Jon for pointing these pictures out to me. Enjoy!

Chart of 8 Voice Actors Who Played Over 200 Futurama Characters

This is a chart created by Vox to show how many voices each actor on Futurama was responsible for. If you are thinking this sounds familiar, you are correct as we posted the exact same thing on The Simpsons and South Park a while back. I am always blown away by how many voices these actors do. It’s incredible! I mean most of these voice actors have other acting jobs too, so it’s like they have 150 jobs! I only have two jobs, writing this blog and pretending I don’t write this blog when people say it’s terrible. The second job takes a lot more effort as you can probably guess.

I didn’t notice: 90s Sitcom Continuity Mistakes

In the world of television and movies there is a little thing called continuity. It means to keep everything consistent, mostly when it comes to wardrobe and set design. However, sometimes things get lost in the shuffle. Someone takes off a scarf between takes and forgets to put it back on when they resume shooting. These are minor details that almost no one notices when watching a film or tv show. Enter: The Internet. Remember when I said people don’t really notice these continuity issues? Well that went out the window once the internet came along and now there are entire sites dedicated to the most insignificant flaw of every movie! U-S-A! U-S-A! We now share some of those mistakes from 90s sitcoms. Enjoy.   I know, I know, I’ve ruined these shows for you forever.