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The Golden Girls As Sailor Moon & Sailor Scouts

This piece of art by Abraham Perez imagines The Golden Girls as Sailor Scouts. This is up there as one of the more random things I’ve posted. I think I’ve earned myself a drink. “Ben, haven’t you had enough to drink today? I mean, it’s only 1pm” You aren’t the boss of me! “Actually I am, and your fired” Man, I picked the wrong day to stop drinking “But that’s just it, you didn’t stop drinking, that is literally the reason I just fired you” Whatever man, this is the worst bar tending job I’ve ever had! “This is a children’s hospital” Oh, that explains a lot. Can I use you as a reference on my next job? “Please leave” Whatever you say man, it’s your bar. Advertisements

Golden Girls: LEGO edition

Two childhood favourites coming together for the first time: LEGO and Golden Girls! This is a pretty cool little set but apparently these are not available everywhere. Much like Golden Girls were exclusive to NBC these LEGO beauties can only be found on this Etsy site Full marks to the creators of these little gems but to truly honor the Golden Girls, the Blanche model should double as a sex toy.