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Beautiful: Hi-Res, Text-Free, Modern and Classic Movie Posters

reddit user Join_You_In_The_Sun has uploaded 80 different text-free and largely high resolution versions of some of the more iconic and memorable posters of the last few decades. I never realized how beautiful these posters are when there is no text on them. Feel free to add your own text if it makes you feel more comfortable. Enjoy the posters! *More posters can be seen here. Alien   Apocalypse Now   Back to the Future Part II   Candyman   The Exorcist   Gremlins   Labyrinth   Masters of the Universe   The Neverending Story   Star Wars – Episode VI: Return of the Jedi   Willow  

Ben & Jerry’s Horror Movie Themed Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…cause it’s inspired by horror movies and that is scary. This is a series of fictional Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors based on famous horror movies and characters. Created by John Squires and artist Frank Browning for Freddyinspace, these ice cream names are almost as scary as trying to eat ice cream beside someone who is lactose intolerant. I know you can’t eat ice cream Ted but why won’t you just let the rest of us enjoy our lives! Enjoy the pictures.  

What was the the best part of Gremlins 2?

Clearly the best part was Hulk Hogan…DUH! Do you think the Gremsters can stand up to the Hulkster? Of course not! When the local movie theatre gets taken over by Gremlins, there is only one man who can set things right….Hulk Hogan. This could be one of my favourite cameos for Hogan, who has appeared in his share of bad movies back in the day. After all they didn’t call him Hollywood for nothing. Side note….what kind of movie is the World Heavyweight Champion watching? Looks like a 50s porno.

1980s Last Supper

I assume this dinner took place on Dec 31st, 1989 as the 1980’s came to an end. I also assume this has the same story line as the Last Supper by Da Vinci, so Marty Mcfly (we can all assume is Judas) is going to betray E.T. (who would respresent Jesus) most likely so he can get his Back to the Future cartoon on in the 90s…which we all know will last forever.