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Yacht Rock

This is about as “inside” of a post as I have ever written on The Nostalgia Blog. I doubt anyone other than me and my buddy Jon have ever heard of this but that’s okay for two reasons. 1. Some of our most popular posts have been things we thought no one would know/care about. 2. Ahhh, maybe there was only one reason… Now to the post! Yacht Rock is Nostalgic for me on so many goddamn levels it makes me dizzy. So let’s start off slow. Yacht Rock itself is a form of music from the late 70s and early 80s that was defined by mostly its smooth sound. Popular Yacht Rock artists included acts such as: Toto, Doobie Brothers/Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins (before he wrote Danger Zone). Though it was recorded before my time, this type of music dominated E-Z Listening radio stations when I was a child and those were the only radio stations my parents listened to. So without me even knowing it, Yacht Rock became an unofficial soundtrack to …

I Want My MTV

Oh man, back in the 80s everyone wanted their MTV. They still do, but it’s not the same. It’s like when you get your first “friend with benefits”. At first you are like “this is the greatest!” but eventually you want to branch out, but she has gotten comfortable with you, so she’s put on a few pounds and now you are arguing all the time, so you are all “this was just supposed to be a casual thing, why are you letting feelings get in the way?!” and she’s all “I will get pregnant on you! So help me god!” Sorry, I can’t really remember where I was going with all this…oh yeah. Remember when MTV played music videos?