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Can I be Harry Potter?: A Flowchart For What Magical Profession You Should Choose

This is a flowchart from LucidChart that helps you determine what magical profession you would choose if you were a wizard. Ya know, after some guy with no nose attempts to murder you but instead scars you with a frigging lightning bolt on your goddamn forehead. Thanks a lot Tom! Anywho, give the chart a try, then immediately walk into work and telling them you quit to pursue your new career. Enjoy! *Larger version of the chart can be seen here.

What Sorcery Is This: Supercut Of All Spells In The Harry Potter Movies, In Alphabetical Order

We all know the story of Harry Potter. Kid is born, gets a lightning bolt on his head, buys an owl, has a few laughs…I forget how it ends. Ya know, that old story. Alright, straight up, not a big Harry Potter guy but I know a TON of you are so hopefully you like this supercut of all of the spells in the Harry Potter movies in alphabetical order. Or as I call it, 7 minutes of jibberish. Enjoy!

It’s okay that you can’t read: Pop Culture Inspired My Little Golden Book Covers

This is a huge collection of Pop Culture Inspired My Little Golden Book Covers by Joey Spiotto. They span across some of our favorite TV shows, movies, music and video games and are just delightful. The subtle attention to detail in some of these covers is just amazing. Good news for all of us who no reed goode, they’rejust covers! So no reading needed! Enjoy! Check out more of these amazing covers here.

Genius: Lowcost Cosplay of Characters

This is Anucha “Cha” Saengchart and his low cost cosplay outfits. He features most of his fantastic work on his facebook page called Lowcostsosplay. If this guy ever showed up to my house on Halloween, I would not only give him all the candy I had but also write him a personal cheque for $1,000 (cheque not payable until 2022). Enjoy the pictures!  

The Times Your Favorite Actors Almost Died On Set

Actors, they’ll do anything to get out of a day of work including potentially dying on set. Am I right? I know, they are the worst but don’t get me wrong they are still better than all of us and deserve our eternal gratitude. Anywho, here are a couple times some actors almost died on set. Enjoy, we know they probably didn’t.   The Brady Bunch During the filming of an episode titled “The Cincinnati Kids” a camera needed to be mounted on the front of a rollercoaster. The camera looked a little loose so they did a practice run and sure enough the camera flew off! Had the cast been shooting the scene it is a safe bet at least one would have died. Would it have been that bad? I mean it was the Brady “Bunch”, so they clearly had some to spare.   Gilligan’s Island In a scene where Gilligan was trapped in a hut with a lion, the lion apparently lunged at Bob Denver but the lion trainer tackled the lion …