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Jam That Straw Deep: Kool-Aid Jammers

. I went on a Kool-Aid Jammer kick when I was in high school. I craved these things every day. I just thought they were the tastiest bloody beverage of all time. Now I realize it was sugar. Just sugar. Sugary water. Regardless, they were awesome. Did you drink them? My favourite was blue raspberry. Jam that straw in! Deep!

I Ate Jack Links Beef Sticks Almost Daily

. When I was in high school, I would venture down to the Mac’s store daily on my lunch break and buy one of these things. Then, when I worked at Tim Horton’s right beside the Mac’s store, I would wander over on my break and buy one almost every day. I must have dropped a few bills at least on these things over those years. Now, the price is ridiculous so I only buy one occasionally – when I’m depressed or have a hankering for some meat. My favourite flavor is ‘peppered.’ What’s yours?

Two Big Macs For Two Dollars

. I make no attempt to hide my love of greasy, disgusting, terrible for you food. I also steadfastly support the McDonald’s franchise and its Big Mac Burger. The thing just tastes so damn great. In fact, all of McDonald’s tastes amazing to this guy. Way back when I was in grade 10, McDonald’s put on a promotion whereupon their Big Mac Burgers were on sale. Two Big Macs for TWO DOLLARS. That is TWO for TWO. Oh. My. Dayum. As you can imagine the fat kid in me relished this deal and me and my friends visited the restaurant 6 times in two weeks for our lunch break, often ordering FOUR Big Macs at once. How on earth are any of us still alive? Sadly, Big Macs never go on sale any more unless in the form of mailing coupons, and the savings are rather low. Definitely a far cry from the deals of the past. I long for the days where I could order FOUR Big Macs for FOUR dollars. Do any of …