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Home Alone is 25 Years Old! Here is a Delightful Oral History

This is a delightful oral history of what I think is safe to say my generation’s all time favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone (all due respect to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation). The piece is written by James Hughes (son of Home Alone writer, John Hughes) for Chicago magazine which is fitting as the film took place “on the most boring street in the whole United States of America, where nothing even remotely dangerous will ever happen.” which happens to be in Chicago. If you aren’t familiar with oral histories, they are in my opinion the best way to recount stories (especially in the entertainment industry). The reason they are so good is that it is the people involved just recount their versions of what happens which usually makes for a more interesting read. The article is full of fun anecdotes and delightful stories, so please, grab a whole cheese pizza, sit down and enjoy reading this oral history…ya filthy animals. link to oral history found below:

I’m still young right?: Movies That Turn 25 Years Old This Year

I remember a time when I thought “wow, I can’t believe that movie is 10 years old!”. As time has passed and we all have gotten older, it’s crazy but movies from our childhood are now turning 25 years old! Here is a list of movies turning 25 this year. That’s right, these movies are now old enough to rent a car! It’s funny, some of these movies will shock you with the fact that they are 25 years old, while others make you say “that movie is only 25 years old? I thought it was way older”.  Let us know your thoughts on the list. Enjoy!   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles *This is apparently the official trailer for this movie 25 years ago. I guess they hadn’t done the voice recording yet because the dialogue and voices are completely different from the movie.   Pretty Woman   Ghost   Edward Scissorhands   Dances With Wolves   Home Alone   Goodfellas   Yeah, 25 years seems about right.

“We eat what we like” 90s Apple Jacks Commercials

Why did we like Apple Jacks cereal so much if it didn’t taste like apples? Answer: BECAUSE IT DIDN’T TASTE LIKE APPLES! As a kid, if I wanted to eat something that tasted like an apple you know what I would have eaten? A goddamn apple! I ate Apple Jacks because they tasted like sugar, delicious, delicious sugar. But you can’t put that in an ad campaign, so instead the tagline “we eat what we like” was created for Apple Jacks. And considering they had the money to hire two kids from Disney’s The Mighty Ducks, Buzz from Home Alone and a young and unknown Julia Styles (whose career whereabouts are now unknown) I think the ad worked pretty well. Enjoy.

Fake Movies in Movies Supercut

Sometimes you are watching a movie and within that movie there is a scene from another movie but that movie isn’t a real movie, it’s just been made for the movie you are watching. Make sense? Cool. Here’s Screen Junkies Supercut of fake movies in movies. Enjoy Movies in supercut: South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut, Scary Movie, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski, For Your Consideration, Matinee, Singin’ in the Rain, Inglourious Basterds, Home Alone, The Last Action Hero, Grindhouse, UHF, Tropic Thunder, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Simpsons Movie, Funny People, Scrooged

Micro Machines

Micro Machines! There has never been a toy that I loved having but never really enjoyed playing with more than Mirco Machines. To be fair, cars were my brother’s thing. I was a dinosaur and jet guy…sometimes the dinosaurs would fly the jet planes…but that’s for another day. I did however love the commercials for Micro Machines and that is probably why I wanted them so bad. Well, that and the fact the they can be used to stop burglars from killing you when you are left home alone over Christmas after you jerk family goes to France…”KEVIN!”