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I have trouble staying in the lines: 90’s Coloring Book for Adults

Hey guys, my birthday is coming up and you know what I want? World Peace. Just kidding! That will never happen. What I really want is this Color The 90s adult coloring book by Outrageous Katie. It says ‘Adult’, so don’t let anyone give you any shit about being in your 20s, 30s or 40s and coloring in a coloring book (50 years olds can suck it, your were in your 20s when this stuff was relevant). For those interested in this little piece of Nostalgic awesomeness, you can buy it on Amazon! That place has everything! Except my fathers love….Anywho! Check out the link here as well as a few pictures below to get a taste of what the book offers and to plan out your coloring adventure! I myself am going to color Tim Allen blue because I’ve never seen a blue Tim Allen before and quite frankly, I want to see one.

I don’t think so Tim: There was a Home Improvement video game!

I stumbled upon this amazing piece of awesomeness the other day while looking for Tool Time themed pornograph…content for this blog. Having never played this game (or even heard of it until last week) I’ve been asking people and searching around the internet trying to find anything to do with this game. What I have found is that very few people know of this game and even fewer have played it. The best explanation of the game I found at Hilariously, this SNES platformer has virtually nothing to do with the show on which it’s based. You play as Tim Allen’s character and use a variety of handyman inspired weapons, but you traverse the kinds of wacky worlds typical of this sort of game, like the desert, and temples. All the while fighting mummies, robots, and living musical notes. My conclusion: This might be the greatest game ever made and by greatest I mean, ya know, terrible. While I may never get the chance to play the game myself, we can do the next …

‘Buddies’: The Home Improvement Spinoff starring Dave Chappelle

In 1995 Dave Chappelle and Jim Breuer made an appearance on Home Improvement playing characters by the names of…wait for it…Dave and Jim. From this brief appearance (I suppose) producers had seen enough and decided Chappelle needed his on spinoff. That spinoff would be called Buddies   How did Dave Chappelle feel about the his show? Well here is a hint: “It was a bad show. It was bad. I mean when we were doing it, I could tell this was not gonna work.”   I’ve kind of glossed over the story of how all of this came to be and what it would nearly become but luckily for you the great people at Splitsider have come to the rescue and have written a great piece on this complete with research and everything! I highly suggest giving it a look as it is always fun to look back on these things and wonder “what if”. Check out the article here.

Tonight, on a very special episode of…

Today on a very special post of The Nostalgia Blog, we bring you the very worst in “very special episodes”. This gem features awful “very special” clips from shows such as Saved By The Bell, Home Improvement, Family Matters and of course Dinosaurs (amongst others). So please enjoy this very special post  (cue sympathy music and let readers know that I was the drunk driver who killed their dog).