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Bangerang! Hook’s Lost Boys Reunite for 25th Anniversary

Rufio! Rufio! Rufio! Well, two big shockers from the Hook 25th Anniversary reunion. First, all the lost boys grew up? What the hell? They gave some much shit to Peter for doing that! Also Rufio isn’t dead! But seriously, I’m 90% sure Hook was just a movie featuring actors and not a documentary so this news doesn’t surprise me that much. Now let’s all cover ourselves in fairy dust, eat some imaginary food and judge all these child actors on how they “got old and don’t look as good as they did when they were eight” cause that’s what the internet was made for! Enjoy. Since this was such a sausage fest, here are a couple of pictures of the ladies then and now. One is of Amber Scott who played Peter’s daughter Maggie. The other is of some actress who played the young Wendy Darling, no idea what her name is, I assume her career went nowhere.

Thank You Robin Williams

Throughout the time The Nostalgia Blog has existed, several celebrities and icons have passed away. We usually say a few nice words post a clip and move on. I’m not going to pretend like that isn’t exactly how I am approaching the passing of Robin Williams but I will say that this is the most heavyhearted I’ve ever been to write a post for this blog. Robin Williams transcends generations when it came to his performing. Proof of this is how I found out this sad news. My dad, who rarely texts and never talks celebrity news was the one who broke this news to me with a text early yesterday evening. When I told the news to the people I was around it was utter shock. One person even started to cry. I’ve never seen someone react that way to a celebrity’s death. Shortly after that came everyone talking about their favorite Robin Williams movies. In a sad way Robin Williams’ passing brings out what this blog is about. Tragically he has passed away …

Rufio vs Hook fight scene featuring ORIGINAL RUFIO!

RUFI-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Holy heck you’ve done it again homemade movies! This is a shot for shot remake of the fight scene between Rufio and Captain Hook from the movie Hook. Oh and did I mention it features THE ORIGINAL RUFIO! (I choose not to look up the actors name as he has done nothing else of value to me). I’m sure many of the other adult actors in this remake were no doubt failed child actors from the original movie trying to re-live the “glory days” but who cares about them. Please enjoy this amazing re-make but before you do, I ask you this: Rufio stated in Hook that “all grownups are pirates” so now that he is grown up what does that mean? The answer is nothing. It was a fictional movie you moron. Enjoy!