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THROWBACK THURSDAY – Ghost by Michael Jackson

Because we will undoubtedly make reference to Thriller this month on The Nostalgia Blog, it seemed appropriate to throwback to the less popular short Halloween-like film Michael Jackson released entitled “Ghosts.” In 1997, The King of Pop released a short film/music video that was co-written by horror writer Stephen King. In it Jackson plays a scary Maestro with supernatural powers who is being forced out of his small town by its mayor. Jackson also plays the mayor and 3 other characters…props for doing a decent job. I fondly remember the 3D graphics including Jackson breaking his skeleton-skull. The 30+ minute film was shortened for music video release (song also called Ghosts), which you can watch below…  

“Feed Me Seymour” – The Little Shop of Horrors

The musical comedy directed by Frank Oz was an instant cult classic in 1986. The film itself was an adaptation from the off-Broadway musical of the same name, and a black and white horror film from 1960. During the production of the film, Oz shot a 23-minute ending based on the musical’s ending. However, after receiving negative reviews from test audiences, the ending had to be re-written and re-shot for the theatrical release as a much “happier ending”. “In the original ending, after Audrey is attacked by Audrey II, she dies in Seymour’s arms, but only before begging him to feed her to the plant so that Seymour will get all the fame he deserves. Seymour does so, but afterwards attempts to commit suicide by jumping off Audrey’s apartment complex. Before he can, Patrick Martin appears and attempts to persuade Seymour to let him cut samples of the plant so that they can grow into little Audrey II’s and be sold across America. In horror, Seymour quickly slides down the ladder and returns to the …

The Mirror Scare, cliche and awesome!

The one thing that becomes very clear after watching this montage is that “the mirror scare” is in so many movies.  Like an insane amount of flicks. Wait a minute… you’re not familiar with this horror movie cliché? It’s when you look up from the bathroom sink and the mirror reveals a monster behind you. Of course there are a few variations. My personal favourite is when the mirror reveals a monster behind you but when you turn around, he’s gone.

The Originator of Nightmare Induced Sleeps: Dead pit

“Dead Pit” was legitimately scary as fuck. It was the first (and only) movie to give me real nightmares. Of course watching a horror film when you are only 4 years old is probably a great way to guarantee that. It came out in 1989 and it can be argued (and is by me) that the 90’s marked the end of truly terrifying horror movies. Very few films made after 1990 elicit actual fear. The horror movie genre is definitely a lost art nowadays. But at least there will always exist classics such as “Dead Pit” to make us soil ourselves. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must visit the facilities.

The Ridiculous, Preposterous, Funny Horror Film, Dr. Giggles

Cheesy. Corny. Preposterous. Awesome. All these words can describe the 1992 ‘horror’ movie “Dr. Giggles,” but the most fitting one to me is hilarious. I was about 6 when I first watched this film and even then I can honestly say I laughed uproariously at its ridiculousness. It still stacks up for me against any other 90’s film in terms of memorability. Let’s take a look at some of Giggles’ classic kills, shall we: