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GeoCities websites were the coolest!

In the early days of the internet, it was an excellent way to make a corner of the virtual world your very own. Perhaps the best DIY website builder of all time! That’s right, I’m talking about GeoCities! Back when CD burners were $1000, it took you 2 days to download a song from Napster and people were debating between Internet and AOL, GeoCities was simply put…the SHIT! It essentially was a website that allowed you to create your own website no matter how bizarre and niche your passions were. Mine was devoted to musicians and wrestlers I liked. In the grand scheme of things these websites were quite useless; however they are an endless reminder of how far we’ve come. Now enjoy some classic sites that will always be remembered. THE SHANIA TWAIN & MUTT LANGE SITE STROMBRINGER’S ABOUT PAGE DROPPEDIT’S ONE-SHOE SCENES IN MOVIES AND TV

Welcome to Zombo com, viral sensation of the 90s

When the internet/dot com really started to blow up, we saw websites for businesses, musicians, sports teams – you name it. But we never saw anything the likes of Zombo! This website was in the first stages of Flash Animation and came after technology advanced past Geocities. Remember Geocities???? Back to Zombo… Very reminiscent of Gabbo Gabbo Gabbo, anyone who was anyone wanted a piece of Zombo. After all “you can do anything at” ENTER ZOMBO HERE Over a decade later and people still don’t get it. Yet it still makes me laugh… Also why is this still online?

A look at the internet…from 20 years ago

It’s sometimes bizarre to look back and try to remember what your life was like before social media, iphones and the internet. If I really press my brain hard enough I remember a time when the internet was viewed as a “pie-in-the-sky” and just started to pick up some momentum. According to this CBC news piece, all you needed was a computer and a phone and suddenly you were apart of a new mesh of people, programs, archives and ideas. Here you can search and talk about art, music, sex, guitar construction, conservative politics and grief. At least they realized back then that the internet was going to be a vehicle for sex and guitar construction.