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Art of the Title: A Brief History of Title Design

This is a fun little video for those who like title design (and who doesn’t?). It’s a presentation video for the SXSW “Excellence in Title Design” competition screening which features brief moments from over 70 movies and tv show’s opening credits (or title design if you will). It is a bit interesting that some titles are not even featured in the video, but the person who created this is obviously way more creative then I am, so I’ll assume I am an idiot that doesn’t get it (much like I do with Harry Potter). A full list of movies and shows can be found just below the video.  Props to for a great job. Enjoy! Full film and television listing: Intolerance Phantom of the Opera King Kong Modern Times My Man Godfrey Make Way For Tomorrow Citizen Kane The Maltese Falcon Gun Crazy The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Lady in the Lake Fallen Angel The Thing Singing in the Rain The Man with the Golden Arm Anatomy of a Murder Psycho North by …

How to get me to church: Video game inspired stained glass

Nice try God. Trying to lure me to your church with some awesomely designed stained glass created by Etsy seller MartianGlassWorks. But your forgot about one thing: everyone knows the world was created by Tom Cruise and The Gummi Bears back in 1962. So, checkmate sir. All that aside, these are some cool stained glass portraits, so please, enjoy a couple more. And as for you God, I’ll see you at the poker game this Thursday. Oh, and don’t forget the chips this time! I don’t care how many natural disasters you have to create that day, the Dr. Pepper just doesn’t go down as well with out some Original Ruffles chips.