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Double J sings “With My Baby Tonight”

  In the early 1990’s, the WWF had a new character burst onto the screen and into the limelight who loved spelling out his name…”That’s J-E-Double-F, J-A-Double-R, E-Double-T!” Double J Jeff Jarrett would let the world know that he was a country singer first and intended to elevate his singing career through the WWF. Strutting to the ring wearing flashing outfits/hats, he would proclaim “Ain’t I great?” And truth be told, he was actually pretty entertaining. Great? ….Well that’s a stretch. Then in 1995 the unthinkable happened, Double J actually released a country single. His very first and only single was titled “With My Baby Tonight.” While it was short lived, the single did have some minor success on the country charts despite being cliché and annoying. Of course while the media attention received from the song was intended, the single was actually used to propel an upcoming storyline that revealed Jarrett as a lipsyncer and the reale singer to be his Roadie, who later became Road Dogg Jesse James.