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Throwback Thursdays: Christmas Edition!

This week’s Throwback Thursday is the juggernaut Christmas hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. However, instead of the classic 90s video we are changing it up with Mariah’s appearance on The Tonight Show when she performed it with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots with the help of classroom instruments and some delightful children. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Throwback Thursdays! “More Than Words” by Extreme

Oh the irony. A band called ‘Extreme’ is responsible for one of the softest hit songs of all time. The other day Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black re-created a shot for shot remake of this video and I thought, why? And also, this should be this week’s Throwback Thursday. So now it is. Enjoy! here is the Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black version: And just because, here they are side by side:

We can all die happy: Jimmy Fallon Reunites Cast of Saved by the Bell

This is so far the greatest thing to happen in 2015 (and that’s saying something, I found $5 the other day!). Jimmy Fallon has done it again reuniting the cast (or at least most of them) of Saved By The Bell. I want to drink whatever was in the water at Bayside because outside of Mr. Belding, everyone looks fantastic. I’m sure everyone has seen this by now, but if you haven’t give it a watch. There are some fantastic call-backs and references to other projects that the cast have done (cough* Showgirls cough*) that I don’t want to spoil, so just watch it! Noticeably missing are Lisa and Screetch. While I haven’t heard any reason to why, I’m sure Dustin Diamond (Screetch) was out because everyone hates him. As for Lark Voorhies (Lisa Turtle), I’m not sure but I doubt anyone would recognize her based on how she looks now anyway. Enjoy the video!

Childhood Win: Jimmy Fallon Plays GoldenEye 64 with James Bond Himself

In what is one of the greatest childhood dreams fulfilled, Jimmy Fallon played a round of GoldenEye 64 for Nintendo 64 against none other than 007 himself, James Bond…I mean, Pierce Brosnan! Man, that must have been the coolest. One day I hope to achieve my childhood video game dream of playing Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge with Lee Carvallo himself! Annnnnd I’ve just been told that both Lee Carvallo and his video game are completely fictional. Well, I’ve wasted my life. Enjoy the clip!