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Jimmy Kimmel Airs New Episode of ‘FRIENDS’….Kind Of

It’s the FRIENDS cast reunion that we’ve all been waiting for!…if that reunion involves none of the male cast members. Jimmy Kimmel lived out most of our teenaged fantasies (more guys then girls probably) and got together with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to re-create some personal FRIENDS fan fiction. It’s a fun watch and a must watch for any FRIENDS fans. Enjoy.

Win Ben Stein’s Money

You’d think I learned something from watching pretty much every episode of this show, and I did. I learned Ben Stein is one of the smartest men alive and Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious as a host (His cousin Sal, not so much). But I still can’t tell you who started the Ottoman Empire (I think it was Napoleon). Anywho, the basic premiss of the show was 3 people compete answering questions to win Ben’s money. At the end, whoever had the most money would go 1 on 1 with Mr. Stein for a chance to win all of his $5,000 (apparently Ben did get to keep the remaining money that the contestant didn’t win). Most people got slaughtered by Stein, but a few did end up taking the whole enchilada. Hey, how about that, it seems I know some Spanish. Here is a clip of one of the many people Ben Stein took to school. Wait, is that a pun? Cause in a way he kinda did. Anyway, enjoy losing, loser.