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Throwback Thursdays! “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins

It’s been mentioned countless times on this blog how much I love Top Gun. In fact, it was one of the only episodes we ever made. What can I say, we got lazy. So it may blow your mind to know that I have never seen the video for “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins. I know?! I can’t believe it either! So, let us enjoy this experience together shall we? I hope there are movie clips inserted in the in the video!

30 Years Ago: ‘We Are The World’

30 years ago Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and producers Quincy Jones and Michael Omartian all got together to write a song for Supergroup USA for Africa that would sell over 20 million copies. That song? Are you kidding me? It’s right there in the title. It’s ‘We Are The World’. Released March 7th, 1985, USA for Africa featured some of America’s biggest pop stars including: Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Loggins, Steve Perry, Huey Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, Bob Dylan as well as many, many others. Between merchandice and record sales, it is believed that ‘We Are The World’ raised between $45 and $47 million in relief for Africa. Since I haven’t read the news since 1985, I’m gonna assume this solved everything and Africa is now a powerhouse both socially and economically U-S-A! U-S-A! But, to be sure I’ll just check Google and…oh dear god…I was WAY off… Enjoy the video and if you got a few bucks, maybe send them to Africa.

Yacht Rock

This is about as “inside” of a post as I have ever written on The Nostalgia Blog. I doubt anyone other than me and my buddy Jon have ever heard of this but that’s okay for two reasons. 1. Some of our most popular posts have been things we thought no one would know/care about. 2. Ahhh, maybe there was only one reason… Now to the post! Yacht Rock is Nostalgic for me on so many goddamn levels it makes me dizzy. So let’s start off slow. Yacht Rock itself is a form of music from the late 70s and early 80s that was defined by mostly its smooth sound. Popular Yacht Rock artists included acts such as: Toto, Doobie Brothers/Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins (before he wrote Danger Zone). Though it was recorded before my time, this type of music dominated E-Z Listening radio stations when I was a child and those were the only radio stations my parents listened to. So without me even knowing it, Yacht Rock became an unofficial soundtrack to …

Things you might not know about: TOP GUN

If you are a longtime reader of this blog (and by longtime reader I’m talking roughly a year) you already know how much I LOVE Top Gun and if you don’t check out our Nostalgia Blog: Top Gun episode found here and find out. Being a diehard fan of this amazing piece of cinema perfection however does not mean you know every little detail about the movie. And with that I give you: Things you might not know about: TOP GUN Highway to…Africa? Toto and REO Speedwagon were offered the chance to record Danger Zone before Kenny Loggins eventually took it over and changed music history forever (it also was probably the nail in the coffin that was Loggins and Messina). The Flying V Among those who were considered for the role of Maverick were Emilio Estevez, Sean Penn, Patrick Swayze, Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, Matthew Broderick, Michael J. Fox and Tom Hanks. Art imitating life? The film is dedicated to Art Scholl, a stunt pilot who was killed during production when his plane went …