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Back To The Future Clock Tower Scene Recreated As LEGO Stop Motion

This is a very well done video of the famous clock tower lightning scene from Back To The Future recreated entirely as a stop motion LEGO short. I’ve never attempted to make a stop motion film myself because by the looks of it, it takes a lot of time and effort and that’s just something I don’t have. I mean I don’t even have time to finish this sentan….

Golden Girls: LEGO edition

Two childhood favourites coming together for the first time: LEGO and Golden Girls! This is a pretty cool little set but apparently these are not available everywhere. Much like Golden Girls were exclusive to NBC these LEGO beauties can only be found on this Etsy site Full marks to the creators of these little gems but to truly honor the Golden Girls, the Blanche model should double as a sex toy.

Street Fighters LEGO men? Yes Please.

Are your Star Wars LEGO men walking around your place like they run the joint? Well maybe you need to take them down a peg or two. Bring home these bad ass Street Fighter LEGO man and let them fight for your love! Let’s see how Hans Solo LEGO man holds up against  LEGO Ken and Ryu when they do their deadly yet sexually confusing double team attack! And remember when it’s all done to get all the LEGO men to make you a sandwich, to assert your dominance over them and also cause you are gonna need some energy in case those LEGO’s ever form some sort of super army and attack you. Pray that day never comes… Pray. Check out the pics.

Cars from 80s shows and TV: LEGO Edition

From Ecto-1 to the General Lee and everything in between (everything in between being the A-Team Van and K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider) here is a collection of a few of our favourite 80s celebrity cars in the way they were meant to be seen: LEGO FORM! Coolness aside, I bet they guy who made these totally wouldn’t let you play with them. I bet he is one of those dicks that keeps his action figures in their original cases too. What’s the point! How you ever gonna figure out who would win in a fight between Chewbacca and Leonardo from Ninja Turtles now? Anyway, check out the rest of these speedy legends: