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Wheaties Box Athletes

What is the ultimate goal of an athlete? To play professionally? To win a championship? To win an Olympic medal? To beat the domestic abuse/blood doping accusation? The answer is yes to everyone of those questions because athletes are greedy. However, while setting out to accomplish all of those goals they may end up on the cover of a Wheaties box and they will also pretend like that is the highlight of their career even though we know it isn’t. With that said, there was a time when being on a Wheaties box was a huge deal (at least to the kids who ate the cereal and wanted nothing more than to be that athlete on the box). I don’t think being on a Wheaties box carries the gravitas it once did back in the day, my breakfast is now a steady diet of left over pizza and diet Rockstar energy drinks (gotta keep the calories down somewhere). Frankly, I don’t really care, this is The Nostalgia Blog and we are all about talking about …

Rare Colorized Historical Photos

In our lifetime most of us have enjoyed or even taken for granted the fact that all pictures have been in color. In fact many us now use applications on our phones to make our photos seem more rough or old-fashioned. Those facts aside, we still grew up with most iconic pictures in history (pre 1970s) still being in black and white…until now. So here is a collection of rare historical photos with color added. Enjoy! See the full list of photos here. Claude Monet, 1923   Lou Gehrig, 1939   Time Square, 1947   Lee Harvey Oswald, 1963   Winston Churchill, 1941   Albert Einstein, 1921   Mark Twain, 1900   Clint Eastwood, 1962   Elizabeth Taylor, 1956   Babe Ruth, 1920   The Hindenburg Crash