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Oh This Happened: Conan O’Brien Goes to Teen Beat Magazine

Now this is some 90s Nostalgia people! Below is a clip from when Conan O’Brien (back in his Late Night days) visited Teen Beat Magazine (Oh yeah, Teen Beat Magazine!) too achieve his dream of being a Teen Idol. This video has all the 90s stuff you want: Posters of Leonardo DiCaprio, references to The Backstreet Boys, Hanson and Planet Hollywood, 90s style clothing and an interview with then teen idol David Gallagher! Yes David Gallagher! Formally of the hit TV show 7th Heaven and current guy who just served you your pumpkin latte at Starbucks. Enjoy!

The Evolution of Hockey Video Games

In my opinion, hockey video games are the greatest sports video games. Many people may disagree with that statement but keep in mind, people doubted me when I said that Mac and Me would be the highest grossing movie of all time (If I don’t look at the facts, I can’t be wrong! U-S-A! U-S-A!). Anywho, a gent by the name of Matt Larkin wrote an amazing piece on the history of hockey video games (you can read it in its entirety here). However, we know many of you just want the nuts and bolts of it along with some fun videos (that you won’t even sit through, god, how lazy are you?) to go along with it. So here is a summary of the article. Enjoy!   THE 1980S: COLD, HARD STEEL “With presentation touches like intermission cut sequences and mini games, plus the fun factor of getting a penalty for losing a fight, Blades of Steel inspired tournaments and bitter rivalries between friends. It was the game you were pumped to play after …

Feminism!: Girl Gamer Magazine

This (short lived) magazine was published by Nintendo to target the woman demographic in the video game market. I have no idea why this failed, I mean, they made the consoles pink, they offered a game called “Cooking Mama 2” (apparently the first one was so successful they needed a second). What else do you need ladies? What’s that you say? A game that apparently imagines what it is like to have a baby? Well Nintendo got you that too! Women: You can’t live with them and they won’t buy your insanely sexist products.

Never Forget: 90s photos of Marky Mark

Marky Mark, the man deemed so sexy that women wanted to have sex with him! Before Mark Wahlberg became a “great” actor, he was a “great” rapper…or at least he was great at being topless…I mean really great at taking his shirt off. I’m pretty sure for 6 weeks back in 1992 if he even tried to put on a shirt his body would repel like a white blood cell would repel a virus (that’s right I know science stuff! Impressed?). So let’s take a trip down memory lane but in this case memory lane is paved with candy…eye candy! Enjoy the pictures while I really re-think my sexuality. Who wouldn’t want to date this guy…