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History Lesson: Chart Showing Which Superheroes Have Been Portrayed By Which Actors

This is a cool little chart that shows the actors who portrayed superheroes in film, tv, voice, etc. It even links up actors who have played multiple superheroes too (how nice of them!). Feel free to print off a copy for yourself and hang it in your bedroom. However, if you do that, make sure to put it in a frame because hanging posters is immature, but hanging posters in a frame? Oh, that’s classy as hell. Enjoy the chart! *For a higher resolution version click here.

A Visual Comparison: DC Superhero & Marvel Villain Heights

This is a great little chart depicting the height comparisons of DC Superheroes and Marvel Super Villains by Costume Collection. What did I learn from these charts? I am tall enough to be Batman’s sidekick or a female superhero and I’m not tall enough to be a villain anyone really knows. For those of you trying to figure out how tall I am based on these cryptic comments, let me just say I am tall enough to get on rides at theme parks…well…most rides. *You can see bigger versions of the pictures here and here.

Still better guests than Joaquin Phoenix: The Avengers on David Letterman

Back in 1983, life was a bit different. David Letterman was on NBC and…actually, come to think of it. I think that is the only difference between now and 1983. I better call my mom on my rotary phone to double check though. Anywho, back in 1983 while Letterman was hosting the Late Night Show on NBC he was joined by The Avengers. Yup, so, that happened (albeit in comic book form). Seriously how much cocaine did people do back in the 80s? I bet the Top 10 list was amazing though.

I can name 3 of them: Video Timeline of Every X-Man Ever

This is a video timeline created by IGN featuring details to every X-Man ever. The video proved to me what I already know: I think I know so much more about X-Men then I really do. While X-Men wasn’t my go-to comic growing up, I did watch the cartoon and felt like I had at least average knowledge about them. However, after watching this video I found out there are literary dozens of characters and story lines I have never even heard of. The video is about 11 minutes long but was fun to watch (even if my brain hurt afterwards). Advice to anyone who watches this and doesn’t have extensive knowledge of the X-Men, just enjoy the ride. If you try to keep up with all the facts and story lines being thrown at you, you might go cross-eyed. Enjoy!