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That Time Transformers Saved Bruce Springsteen…Sorta

Back in 1986 Marvel decided to take a shot at one their own comic books saving a rock icon just as DC did years earlier. However, much like DC couldn’t get the rights to use The Beatles name, it appears Marvel couldn’t lock Bruce Springsteen into a deal, but you think that stopped them from using Bruce and the E Street Band’s likeness? HELLS NO! The comic basically drew the band in perfect likeness but used some pretty genius writing to cover their tracks. How genius? Well I’ll tell you Tony (all of our readers are named Tony today). They named the lead singer Brick Springhorn and had him sing hit songs like “Born in America” and “Dancing in the Night”. So, the heroic Transformers were likely saving Brick Springhorn from the Decepticons during a rousing version of “Dancing in the Night” which probably sounded/looked like this, but in this version I like to think Ironhide is doing the dance instead of Courtney Cox.

Wait…What?: Archie Meets The Punisher

Just 3 years after Archie and the gang got a visit from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Riverdale had a new more…ah…different kind of visitor. The Punisher. Yes, the dark comic anti-hero from Marvel known for ya know, killing people. The plot was that The Punisher was in town looking for a drug dealer that looked like Archie. I’m sure a series of hilarious murders ensued. Also, it appears Josie and the Pussycats were there based on the cover art. Cause why not? Am I right?  

Cause Why Not?: Iconic 80s Villains as 80s Album Covers

Illustrator Rocky Davies has created a pretty awesome collection of iconic 80s villains featured as 80s style vinyl cover art. The albums features the likes of Doctor Doom, The Joker, Predator, Freddy Krueger, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Skeletor and of course fan favorite Shredder. The fact that Skeletor’s song is actually from the 90s aside, I feel like it was a real missed opportunity to connect the song ‘What’s Going On’ by Four Non-Blondes with him again. Regardless, these albums are incredible and should replace your loved ones as the new background on your phones. Enjoy.

I can name 3 of them: Video Timeline of Every X-Man Ever

This is a video timeline created by IGN featuring details to every X-Man ever. The video proved to me what I already know: I think I know so much more about X-Men then I really do. While X-Men wasn’t my go-to comic growing up, I did watch the cartoon and felt like I had at least average knowledge about them. However, after watching this video I found out there are literary dozens of characters and story lines I have never even heard of. The video is about 11 minutes long but was fun to watch (even if my brain hurt afterwards). Advice to anyone who watches this and doesn’t have extensive knowledge of the X-Men, just enjoy the ride. If you try to keep up with all the facts and story lines being thrown at you, you might go cross-eyed. Enjoy!

Night Man

Remember this piece of garbage? No? Well you aren’t the only one. In fact, I only remember how much they promoted this show none-stop back in the 90s. I never really did give this show a chance but looking at the plot for it, I probably made the right call: Night Man, a syndicated (and loosely Marvel-derived) series about a saxophone player who acquires the ability to telepathically detect evil (but is no longer able to sleep) after being struck by lightning. And that saxophone players name? Johnny Domino! Nailed it! Actually I take it all back. This show sounds amazing! Apparently this show got 44 episodes over two seasons, so if any of you remember it let us know if it’s worth a watch. Oh and let us know if Johnny Domino ever played a stirring rendition of ‘I’m Never Gonna Dance Again’ by George Michael.