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Of course you did: Jean-Claude Van Damme Bloodsport Chase Scene Re-Cut As Mentos Commercial

This is the greatest thing to happen to Mentos since someone through a few of them in a Coke bottle and flew to the moon…or something like that. It is a video of Jean-Claude Van Damme in a chase scene from Bloodsport that’s been re-cut as a fake Mentos commercial and it is crazy how well it matches up. It is also more believable then JCVD playing an American in the movie. Enjoy!

Mentos: The Fresh Maker

Everyone loved these commercials…or hated them…I can’t remember which. Anywho, hate them or love them, even if you haven’t seen this commercial in 10 years I bet you still will remember 90% of the jingle. No you say? Well fuck me then I guess. One thing you can’t deny is what a juggernaut this commercial was having been sung by the late Brittany Murphy in Clueless and getting parodied in the music video Big Me. It basically put Foo Fighters on the map (Dave Grohl is really one of today’s greatest talents is he not?) So for that Mentos we say…Thank you?…I’m still not really sure if this commercial is liked or not.