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Rumor: Nike’s new Air Jordan Space Jam 11’s released for films 20th anniversary

Rumors, they are a swirling that Nike will be releasing Air Jordan 11 Space Jam shoes to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie. Need some proof, well here is a picture that supposedly does that:   So there ya go. This is gonna happen. I personally don’t see the need for a new Air Jordan shoe. I mean, Space Jam hasn’t updated their website in 20 years, so why update the shoe? They nailed both on the first try, so why mess with perfection:

Wheaties Box Athletes

What is the ultimate goal of an athlete? To play professionally? To win a championship? To win an Olympic medal? To beat the domestic abuse/blood doping accusation? The answer is yes to everyone of those questions because athletes are greedy. However, while setting out to accomplish all of those goals they may end up on the cover of a Wheaties box and they will also pretend like that is the highlight of their career even though we know it isn’t. With that said, there was a time when being on a Wheaties box was a huge deal (at least to the kids who ate the cereal and wanted nothing more than to be that athlete on the box). I don’t think being on a Wheaties box carries the gravitas it once did back in the day, my breakfast is now a steady diet of left over pizza and diet Rockstar energy drinks (gotta keep the calories down somewhere). Frankly, I don’t really care, this is The Nostalgia Blog and we are all about talking about …

Memorable Hockey Players In Not-so Memorable Jerseys pt. 5: Present Day

Present Day ┬áThere are three players currently active in the NHL that I have a hard time watching wearing their new jerseys. One player I love and hope he wins a much deserved Stanley Cup to go with his Olympic Gold Medals, one player I hate; not because of him changing teams but because of the team he used to play for before this season, and one player who should have retired long ago like all of those former New York Rangers before him. Jarome Iginla In My Mind: Calgary Flames Remember When? Pittsburgh Penguins/Boston Bruins Iggy wasn’t going to win in Calgary but instead of pulling a “Sundin”, he actually let the Flames trade him in order to help the franchise rebuild. What guy, eh? Only thing was, he wanted to pick his destination and provided them with a list of teams. So the Flames traded Iginla to one of the teams on his list … the Boston Bruins! But wait, even though he said he allow a trade to Boston, he actually wanted …