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RIP Ultimate Warrior

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this post about the passing of one of my childhood heroes….The Ultimate Warrior. He passed away Tuesday evening at the age of 54. Signs are pointing to a massive heart attack, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The Ultimate Warrior started his wrestling career in the mid 80s. After tag teaming with Sting (together known as The Blade Runners), he entered the World Wrestling Federation as the Dingo Warrior. Of course no one really knew what a Dingo Warrior was, so he became The Ultimate Warrior. His wild persona, face paint, insanely muscular body and smash mouth style made him a hot commodity in the WWF. Pretty soon he was the Intercontinental Champion on his way to challenging Hulk Hogan for the Heavyweight Championship. Their clash at WrestleMania VI was always one of my favorite matches. Despite being a huge Hulkamaniac, it was an epic sight seeing Warrior be the first person to truly dethrone the Hulkster. This was the highest peak of Warriors career. …

Wacky What Wrestling What Wednesday WHAT!!!

. Wrestling is wacky. Here’s a reason why: What? A single word. Such reaction. Still, to this day, wrestlers face what is known as “The What Treatment” by fans. 12 years later. That is the lasting impression of one Stone Cold Steve Austin. Here is the “What” story: Wrestling is wacky. What?