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Ironically Funny: If Pixar Movies Ended at the Sad Parts

I mean, if it happened in the theaters, no doubt people would be traumatized. I expected to find this quite sad but instead found myself laughing. I don’t know what that says about me. Probably that I am an awesome tough guy who doesn’t cry at anything! Except in Top Gun when Goose died. Oh, and at sunsets (they are so majestic). OH! and when I do long division and I have a remainder (just like Milhouse!). But after that and like…I dunno…1,000 other things, I barely cry at anything. Now, please enjoy this video, I gotta go because just thinking about how loyal our readers are is getting me a little choked up…

Supercut of Pixar Film References

This is a pretty great little supercut of all the film references made by Pixar over the years. Even with them lined up side-by-side a still only got about 70% of them. Although, I was looking at the weird cat outside my window for about 30% of the time, so that might explain it. Oh wait, that’s not a cat. It’s a frying pan with a hat on. How did that thing get a hat? Alright, I gotta look into this more. Enjoy the video!

Makeup Artist Turns Lips into Cartoon Characters

In a form of art (that is in no way shape or form making me the slightest bit confused to why it’s turning me on), makeup artist Laura Jenkinson has converted her lips into our favorite childhood cartoons! Now let us all enjoy this incredible makeup work and ignore the fact that these photos are making me realize that I may never get an erection again unless Sebastian from The Little Mermaid is involved…man…I got some issues to work out. Enjoy the pictures!