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1998: An Ultimate Supercut from a Pretty Awesome Year

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2015. It’s even harder to believe that the 90’s were not last decade, but rather 20 years ago. In 1998 I was the tender age of 11. I was highly influenced, liked girls but didn’t admit it yet, and wanted nothing more than to be treated like a big kid (even though I still played with my action figures). The late 90’s were a time of attitude, n64 and the Spice Girls Here is the most ultimate super-cut of everything from 1998 that will make you miss the 90s.

Eyes of Hitchcock

The Criterion Collection recently put together this cool and somewhat chilling montage comprised of Alfred Hitchcock films. Hitchcock was a master filmmaker, who knew how to evoke emotion both on and off screen. So much is told from a simple close-up of his actors and the emotion in their eyes.

The Best of Bill Murray

I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t like Bill Murray? After all, it’s Bill F**king Murray. Bill started his career as one of the early Saturday Night Live cast members in the 70s, he had huge success in the 80’s with films like Caddyshack and Ghostbusters, 90s with What About Bob? and Groundhogs Day, and in recent years with his more indie-cult films like Lost in Translation and anything by West Anderson. Fandango recently put together this really awesome montage mash-up of the Best of Bill, worth a watch. The only thing that I don’t like about the video above, is that it excludes my favorite Bill Murray performance….What About Bob?

Christopher Walken Dancing in 50 movies

Hopefully you guys remember the amazing Fatboy Slim music video for “Weapon of Choice” that featured Christopher Walken dancing for nearly 4 minutes. Even if you don’t remember that iconic music video, you surely know that Christopher Walken likes to dance. We’ve seen him do it in what seems like a dozen movies….WRONG! He has moved his hips, gyrated, and or tapped his feet in nearly 50 movies! And to prove this, here is an amazing montage shared by the Huffington Post. Enjoy.