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MTV’s The War To Settle The Score

In 1984/85 the popularity of professional wrestling, in particular the WWF, was booming. The WWF was the first promotion to recognize that what they did was entertainment and not 100% sport. Visionary Vince McMahon (WWF’s CEO) knew that he needed to reach a younger demographic and thus was born the Rock n’ Wrestling connection, a partnership between the WWF and MTV. This partnership saw rock stars like Cyndi Lauper and pop culture celebrities like Mr. T get involved in the wrestling action. To kick off the Rock n’ Wrestling connection, MTV aired a one-hour special entitled The War To Settle The Score. This special featured a championship match between Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper – Live from Madison Square Garden. The War To Settle The Score put the WWF into pop culture status and made Hulk Hogan a household name (if he wasn’t already). The special also was the precursor to the WWF’s premiere event known as WrestleMania. Definitely worth a watch to see all of the celebrity appearances including Danny DeVito, Joe Piscopo, …

This show was on for 3 seasons?!: T and T

The opening voice-over set-up the premise: T.S. Turner was a city-smart kid fighting his way off the street, until he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Amy Taler was a young crusading lawyer. She mounted an appeal to put Turner back on the street, this time in a suit and tie, working as a private detective. Together they are—T. and T. I watched this show as a kid and I was surprised to see it is now On Demand in my cable package. I mean, you can barely find proof this show existed on the  internet and that’s pretty impressive. Even that terrible movie Mac and Me has about 300 fan pages. Remembering that I enjoyed this show as a kid, I decided to watch an episode to give myself some Nostalgic feelings. I turned on an episode, saw this opening them and thought “you know what, I get enough nostalgia writing this blog” then I burned my television.


Remember calling Collect? Actually, remember pay phones for that matter? Well in the times where cell phones were rare and the ones that did exist were bigger than most cars these days, if you didn’t have quarters on you for a phone call you needed to call Collect. I’m sure whoever started this company is living on a giant payphone shaped island in paradise somewhere. However, when this greedy human being wasn’t over charging us to make emergency calls to our loved ones, they were making some pretty sweet commercials. Here are a few to enjoy. Please dial “0” now. The Simpsons David Spade Phil Hartman and Chris Rock

Before Pay-Per-View, We had Closed Circuit

Does anyone remember a world before Pay-Per-View? I’m guessing most of you don’t…In fact, most of you don’t remember a world before the internet. Back in 1985 when the World Wrestling Federation was launching its mega-card known as WrestleMania, PPV wasn’t an option (and still 2 years away from invention). Viewers had to watch the show in movie theaters and arenas through something called Closed Circuit Television. To market such an event, Hulk Hogan and Mr. T made their rounds on morning shows, radio, SNL and late night talk shows, including the Richard Belzer Show. Unfortunately for Richard, this was a time when wrestlers were very secretive about their sport. If you made fun of them, they would prove that what they did wasn’t fake. Belzer had a little too much fun with the Hulk and this was the outcome….