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THROWBACK THURSDAY – Ghost by Michael Jackson

Because we will undoubtedly make reference to Thriller this month on The Nostalgia Blog, it seemed appropriate to throwback to the less popular short Halloween-like film Michael Jackson released entitled “Ghosts.” In 1997, The King of Pop┬áreleased a short film/music video that was co-written by horror writer Stephen King. In it Jackson plays a scary Maestro with supernatural powers who is being forced out of his small town by its mayor. Jackson also plays the mayor and 3 other characters…props for doing a decent job. I fondly remember the 3D graphics including Jackson breaking his skeleton-skull. The 30+ minute film was shortened for music video release (song also called Ghosts), which you can watch below…  

Denis Leary is an Asshole

I don’t have too much to write about this one, other than the fact that I thought it was the funniest thing back in 1993. My oldest brother would listen to Denis Leary`s No Cure For Cancer cassette, and I would “borrow” it when he wasn’t around. My favorite part on the cassette was Leary’s song Asshole. I think I liked it cause it cursed and used words I otherwise wasn’t allowed to use myself. The video did the song justice and would always be a favorite of mine whenever I saw it on MUCH MUSIC (yes, I’m Canadian). Here it is….Asshole by Denis Leary.

What ever happened to Shaggy?

Here was what I remembered about Shaggy: He shared the same name as Scooby-Doo’s best friend, he was once in the Marines, and it wasn’t him. Even though you thought it was him….it wasn’t him. Shaggy started his music career in the early 90s and had a minor hit with “Oh Carolina”, but didn’t burst onto the Top 20 charts until 95 with “Boombastic”. Shaggy’s biggest success came in 2000 with his 6x platinum album “Hot Shot”. The album featured the humongous radio hit “It Wasn’t Me” and “Angel”. But unfortunately for Shaggy, after reaching the top of the charts, there only one way to go next and that was down. His follow up albums “Lucky Day” and “Clothes Drop” didn’t do well in North America, but had a strong showing in Europe. I had always thought that Shaggy had disappeared from the limelight and the music scene altogether, retired and living off his previous success. But, to my surprise Shaggy is still pumping out music. His newer releases are geared towards Reggae which is …

What would you do? – Who remembers City High?

Growing up, Wyclef Jean was my favorite artist. So, naturally being the obsessive type of person I am, I would listen to and buy any of his pet projects including one hit wonders City High. 2001 saw the debut of City High’s self-titled album with their hit What Would You Do?, a tale about a single mom having to strip in order to take care of her child. The track blew up and even garnered them a Grammy nomination. Unfortunately for City High they didn’t have much success after this. They had a second single which didn’t perform as well and were featured n a few Wyclef tracks. Apparently the group was also quite incestuous. Claudette and Robbie were an item for a while, broke up, and then Claudette hooked up other bandmate Ryan. They got married but then divorced in 2007. As for Robbie, he recently appeared on the television series Intervention as an alcoholic. He’s apparently been to rehab successfully and is still working in music.

Are you a Yuppie?

The term “Yuppie” (young urban profession) first came into use in the 1980s. The 80s is when Yuppie culture first really took even though it has been around since the late 60s. Author Victor Davis Hanson has written: “Yuppism… is not definable entirely by income or class. Rather, it is a late-20th century cultural phenomenon of self-absorbed young professionals, earning good pay, enjoying the cultural attractions of sophisticated urban life and thought, and generally out of touch with, indeed antithetical to, most of the challenges and concerns of a far less well-off and more parochial Middle America. For the yuppie male a well-paying job in law, finance, academia or consulting in a cultural hub, hip fashion, cool appearance, studied poise, elite education, proper recreation and fitness and general proximity to liberal-thinking elites, especially of the more rarefied sort in the arts, are the mark of a real man.” The perfect example of a Yuppie is Christian Bale’s character in film American Psycho…. I imagine if you’re reading this blog (and hopefully read The Nostalgia Blog …