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Ali G in Madonna music video

Remember that time Ali G was in a Madonna music video? No? That’s because you probably didn’t recognize him the first time you saw it. Madonna’s video for her hit single “Music” was released in August of 2000. At this time Da Ali G Show created and starring Sasha Baron Cohen was just getting it’s first run in the U.K., so North American audiences had no idea who this guy was. The video features Ali G as Madonna’s limo driver, as he drives her and her posse around the city for a night out which includes disco clubs, strippers and even some cartoon kung-fu action. Originally Chris Rock was slated to be the limo driver, but Madonna was insistent that it should be Cohen’s Ali G character. Not only did the video mark the debut of Ali G to North American audiences, but the debut of Madonna’s now famed “Mommy” necklace.

Afroman Because I Got High

In 2000/2001 almost all of my white small-town friends were listening to rap. We were in public school at the time and the idea of owning and blasting Dr. Dre was appealing. Why? Because we weren’t allowed to. We were too young to buy the CD’s because of it’s parental warning, but thanks to Napster we all had them anyways. But of course when our parent’s heard the lyrics they promptly took those CD’s away. Then came along a rapper by the name of Afroman. His album Because I Got High featured the tracks “Because I Got High”, “Tumbleweed” and “She Won’t Let Me Fuck”. It didn’t go anywhere at first, but did find some small circulation through Napster. But when Howard Stern starting playing it’s title track, Afroman became a hit. And you know what…we were allowed to buy it! I don’t why our parents allowed us to buy this album and listen to it freely? For some strange reason they enjoyed the song. Maybe they heard the lyrics as a cautionary tale about …

Christopher Walken Dancing in 50 movies

Hopefully you guys remember the amazing Fatboy Slim music video for “Weapon of Choice” that featured Christopher Walken dancing for nearly 4 minutes. Even if you don’t remember that iconic music video, you surely know that Christopher Walken likes to dance. We’ve seen him do it in what seems like a dozen movies….WRONG! He has moved his hips, gyrated, and or tapped his feet in nearly 50 movies! And to prove this, here is an amazing montage shared by the Huffington Post. Enjoy.

Ready to Rumble….the movie

In 1998 it seemed like a great idea to make a movie about WCW wrestling back when WCW was the height of its popularity. However, in 2000 when the movie was released, WCW was falling fast in popularity and was on the brink of collapse. That is the unfortunate timing of Ready To Rumble, the Time Warner comedy about the zany world of professional wrestling and it’s hardcore fans. Starring David Arquette as an obsessed fan, he vows to help save the career of Jimmy King (Oliver Platt) and regain the World Heavyweight Title from the evil Diamond Dallas Page. It had its moments, some bad, some good. Overall it was pretty entertaining but because of WCW’s fan base switching over to WWE, the movie failed to make back it $25 million budget. In a desperate ploy to receive mainstream media attention, WCW had David Arquette compete in wrestling matches and win the World Heavyweight Title…the same title that was once worn by greats like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Dusty Rhodes. The stunt got …

Super Mario Super Show with Captain Lou

He was one of wrestling’s greatest managers turned pop culture icon, the one and only Captain Lou Albano…or as you may know him, Super Mario. Albano had a 42 year career in professional wrestling and managed 15 different tag teams to championship glory. But his biggest contributions to the wacky world of pro wrestling might have been his appearances in crossover media. Captain Lou was instrumental in making the WWF a household item in the 1980’s by tag teaming with mega superstar Cyndi Lauper. He appeared on MTV with Lauper, trained her to become a wrestling manager and even appeared in her music videos. Maybe you weren’t a MTV fan or even a WWF fan. But if you were a Saturday morning cartoon fan, then you would have still been entertained by Captain Lou…that’s because he was the live-action Super Mario. In 1989 The Super Mario Super Show began its 89 episode run. The show was a cartoon series with live-action segments anchoring each segment. Hey, remember when Mario told Luigi to fuck off. Okay, …