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5 Great NES Themes You Forgot About

I love 8-bit music. Sometimes I feel like I enjoy it more than regular music. If I had the choice of listening to the Super Mario 3 music or the new Justin Timberlake album…I would probably choose JT, but Mario 3 wouldn’t be behind by much. Here are 5 great themes that you may have forgotten about. DOUBLE DRAGON 2: The Revenge – Shadow Boss Theme TMNT 2: The Arcade Game – Technodrome Stage SUPER DODGE BALL – Doppleganger Match SNOW BROS – Stage 1 Theme RIVER CITY RANSOM – Boss Battle

World Record: Super Mario Bros in under 5 minutes

Speed-Runner Blubbler might not sound like a speedy name, but this gamer has the record for completing Super Mario Bros on the NES in the fastest time. It takes him 4 minutes and 57.69 seconds to complete from the moment the timer appears until hitting the axe behind Bowser in World 8-4. I imagine it has taken many Saturday nights alone and missed high school dances in order to reach this milestone…  

Realistic Mario Bros

It goes without saying that Super Mario Bros is perhaps the most inventive video game franchise of all time. Even going back to the very first Nintendo Mario Bros game…An Italian plumber travels through pipes, smashes bricks with his head, eats mushrooms to grow bigger and flowers to spit fire. Sounds pretty accurate to real life. Well, here is a funny animation detailing what would really happen in the opening scenes of Super Mario Bros if things were a little bit more realistic….

The 8-Bit Games

In honor of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the amazing animator Flikli has put together an epic pixel filled adventure of the Winter Games. This defiantly reminds me of the NES Track and Field game that use to come with Duck Hunt/Super Mario, but you could only play if you had the track mat.