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Wheaties Box Athletes

What is the ultimate goal of an athlete? To play professionally? To win a championship? To win an Olympic medal? To beat the domestic abuse/blood doping accusation? The answer is yes to everyone of those questions because athletes are greedy. However, while setting out to accomplish all of those goals they may end up on the cover of a Wheaties box and they will also pretend like that is the highlight of their career even though we know it isn’t. With that said, there was a time when being on a Wheaties box was a huge deal (at least to the kids who ate the cereal and wanted nothing more than to be that athlete on the box). I don’t think being on a Wheaties box carries the gravitas it once did back in the day, my breakfast is now a steady diet of left over pizza and diet Rockstar energy drinks (gotta keep the calories down somewhere). Frankly, I don’t really care, this is The Nostalgia Blog and we are all about talking about …

Cause Why Not: 8-Bit Sports Art

You know what never gets old? 8-Bit Art! Well, I guess technically it gets old which is why we find it so nostalgic…but it’s the 8-Bit that makes it nostalgic, the art itself is actually very new….Look, I’ve backed myself into a corner here, so how bout we just all enjoy these photos? Cool? Cool. Wayne Gretzky in all his NHL jerseys NHL Teams Classic NHL Jerseys Former NHL Teams (Atlanta, California (Oakland), Cleveland, Colorado, Hartford, Kansas City, Minnesota, Quebec and Winnipeg) NHL Winter Classic and Heritage Classic Match-ups NFL Teams WWF Superstars The Hart Foundation

Disney/NFL Logo Mash-Ups

Folks @AK47_studios/Instagram. has done it again! This time they are back with NFL/Disney Logo Mash-Up! If you need more explaining than that, well then I guess I didn’t do my job very well. Enjoy the Mash-Up!   The Lion King/Detroit Lions   The Little Mermaid/Miami Dolphins   Finding Nemo/San Francisco 49ers   Beauty and the Beast/St. Louis Rams   Toy Story/Dallas Cowboys   Pirates of the Caribbean/Oakland Raiders   Snow White/Pittsburgh Steelers   The Lion King/Denver Broncos   Goofy/Minnesota Vikings   Lilo and Stitch/Carolina Panthers   Hercules/Tennessee Titans   Aladdin/New Orleans Saints   Peter Pan/Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Pinocchio/Washington   Mulan/San Diego Chargers   Sleeping Beauty/Baltimore Ravens

Where’s My Football…bring back the XFL

Okay, I know what you’re thinking… “the XFL was one of the biggest flops is sports history.” That might be true in some aspects, but lets roll it back just a little bit. What was the XFL? The XFL was intended to be a major professional sports league complement to the offseason of the NFL. Started by Vince McMahon (World Wrestling Entertainment CEO), it was a joint venture with the then WWF and NBC. It seemed like a smart idea at the time. Using WWF’s production standards to broadcast football when no other football was on TV seemed like a sure-fire win. And with NBC and UPN broadcasting those games during primetime, what could go wrong? The opening game on February 3rd, 2001 drew very high ratings for NBC, a 9.5 Neilson rating which was double what was expected. The XFL was also going to try and be very different from the NFL. They wanted to be known as “Smash Mouth Football”. They had less rules, more hits, encouraged taunting, a race/scramble instead of a …