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Um…What?: Sesame Street Cast Plays 1970’s Blackhawks

Guys, I’m not gonna lie. I have no idea what I just watched…I mean….what? Seriously what the hell is this? I’ll tell you what this is, it’s something my childhood self would have killed to see live. But now? Well, now it is something that will haunt my dreams. All joking aside, with Big Bird’s size and skating ability I am shocked he didn’t get at least some kind of entry level deal with Chicago’s minor league affiliate. Enjoy this insane video!

If The Mighty Ducks Movie Characters Played For Today’s NHL Ducks

The great people over at BarDown made a pretty cool photo series of what it would look like if the stars of Disney’s The Mighty Ducks played for the current incarnation of The NHL’s Anaheim Ducks. For those of you who don’t know, the Anaheim Ducks were originally owned by Disney and were named The Mighty Ducks after the popular kids movie. Years later, the team was sold and “Mighty” was dropped from the team name leaving us with simply The Anaheim Ducks. So what if the stars of that movie played for the current Ducks team? Here is a hint: It would look like someone photoshopped the actors heads on current players bodies. It would also look like a bunch of teens playing in the NHL…Enjoy! Fulton Reed Greg “Goldie” Goldberg Russ Tyler Connie Moreau Lester Averman Gordon Bombay   DUCKS FLY TOGETHER! …also, remember when the Edmonton Oilers actually did this in a game?

Cause Why Not: 8-Bit Sports Art

You know what never gets old? 8-Bit Art! Well, I guess technically it gets old which is why we find it so nostalgic…but it’s the 8-Bit that makes it nostalgic, the art itself is actually very new….Look, I’ve backed myself into a corner here, so how bout we just all enjoy these photos? Cool? Cool. Wayne Gretzky in all his NHL jerseys NHL Teams Classic NHL Jerseys Former NHL Teams (Atlanta, California (Oakland), Cleveland, Colorado, Hartford, Kansas City, Minnesota, Quebec and Winnipeg) NHL Winter Classic and Heritage Classic Match-ups NFL Teams WWF Superstars The Hart Foundation

The Evolution of Hockey Video Games

In my opinion, hockey video games are the greatest sports video games. Many people may disagree with that statement but keep in mind, people doubted me when I said that Mac and Me would be the highest grossing movie of all time (If I don’t look at the facts, I can’t be wrong! U-S-A! U-S-A!). Anywho, a gent by the name of Matt Larkin wrote an amazing piece on the history of hockey video games (you can read it in its entirety here). However, we know many of you just want the nuts and bolts of it along with some fun videos (that you won’t even sit through, god, how lazy are you?) to go along with it. So here is a summary of the article. Enjoy!   THE 1980S: COLD, HARD STEEL “With presentation touches like intermission cut sequences and mini games, plus the fun factor of getting a penalty for losing a fight, Blades of Steel inspired tournaments and bitter rivalries between friends. It was the game you were pumped to play after …